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By Tory (Edwardson) Shultz


September 15, 2010

I have never, ever written to SitNews as I have never had an issue with the topics or opinions discussed. Just out of curiosity I decided to see what my dad had written earlier (he loves to voice his opinion on issues, and I will always support him). No, I have never used the library as an educational purpose until I was in college, and even then it was very rarely - I used the campus library. And I feel that a "new" library building/location will not change the educational endeavors of students in Ketchikan. Maybe we should spend the money on the actual education of the students in Ketchikan rather than spend thousands/millions on a building? The people who use the library now will probably be the same people who use the "new" library when it's built. Having a new library building/location will not affect those who do not use it. The library is not the only entity that allows students to meet or not meet the "standards" of the educational system.

I just have to say, I'm disappointed with the statement, "Perhaps Mr. Edward's(on) attitude toward libraries and literacy, and those who share it, have much to do with children not meeting "standards" that was made during another viewpoint stating that my father is "wrong".

This statement is way of the charts and felt like a reflection on us (my father's daughters). As one of Mr. Edwardson's daughters,I have met the basic "standards" you are referring to, and actually have gone above and beyond them as well (see "about me"). My other sisters are successful and have met the "standards" as well.

I'm sure many people that are "against" the new library building/location exceed the "standards".

Tory (Edwardson) Shultz
White Mountain, AK

About: "Daughter to Charles and Timi Edwardson; Four year varsity basketball player for Ketchikan High School. MVP; Was a member of National Honor Society; Graduate with Bachelors in Elementary Education with a GPA above 3.5; Made the chancellor's list 3 out of 4 years; Entered the Masters program for Early Childhood; Teacher in rural Alaska in White Mountain, AK."

Received September 12, 2010 - Published September 15, 2010



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