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KGH- I feel fortunate
By Tom LeCompte


September 15, 2010

It is with interest I have read the letters regarding Marta Poore's experience as a patient at KGH. Personally I have never had anything but excellent experiences at the Ketchikan General Hospital and their associated clinics.

The great thing about Peace Health and KGH is that I've never felt like just a number in a big corporate medical machine. I feel like a human being with fears and concerns depending on the situations and my questions have been answered or referred up the line when more info was needed. The care I get whether it's flu season or an admitted stay at KGH has been top-notch. I also know that if a situation or concern exceeds the capability of KGH locally, modern medicine allows them to move my info via internet or that I can be medivaced by Guardian Air to a higher level of care.

Sounds to me like this was Marta Poore's first experience recieving care at her own facility, and yes while she is familiar with the staff and procedure, it just seems it would be harder to impress a professional.

By the way, it was my good fortune to be present at the birth of my grand daughter and Marta was the attending OB-Gyn nurse. She was very calm, cool, and reassuring to the impending parents and family in attendance and that ethic really made it a beautiful experience for all. Seems to me she may have experienced some of her own type of care-giving on her trip to the ER.

There are certainly busy, often slammed days in the ER, when not only are the locals sick or injured, but also the cruise ship passengers and crew (who double our population,) but nobody there is ever made to wait on purpose or ignored while suffereing.

I am familiar with a lot of our medical community, and for a town this size to have the level of care we get, with dedicated professionals who also get involved in every other aspect of Ketchikan outside of the hospital, I feel fortunate indeed.

Tom LeCompte
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 15, 2010 - Published September 15, 2010


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