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Glass houses?!?
By Teri J. Wilson


September 15, 2010

Regarding Dr. Richey's letter, I will concede the point of the takeover date, however, much has changed in the medical community in the past 10-15 years. You have been here for quite a bit of the changes, albeit you also work for Ketchikan General Hospital, as does Marta Poore. And you didn't mention the takeover of Wilson Clinic and the assimilation of Ketchikan Medical Clinic, which did NOT occur in 1923.

I'm not quite sure what living on an island has to do with anything, the quality of doctors in this town is mixed, leaning toward the unknowlegdable and downright dangerous.

I know of someone whose husband was killed by KGH a couple of years ago when he was administered a drug to which he was allergic. It was in his medical file that he had this allergy, but either no one read it or it was ignored.

I am very fortunate that I have the intelligence to know when something isn't right, and the ability to research when I don't have the knowledge at hand. Since living in Alaska for 30 years my medical knowledge has increased to a degree that I can and do pay close attention to what is being done for myself, and my child/friend/neighbor. Not everyone in town is so fortunate, and mistakes are and have been made that have, I allege, killed patients or put their lives seriously at risk. And, when KGH hires someone who is actually worthwhile, they don't keep them, particularly when they are at all critical of procedures done at KGH and its clinics.

I realize that doctors are human and as such are not perfect; however, the oath you take as a doctor is first to do no harm. A swolen ego is as much to blame in these cases as a lack of proper method. As a doctor, you must be held to a higher standard because lives are in your hands. There isn't any room for egotism, nor is there room for the lackluster attitudes I have experienced.

I might add, too, that it does not sit well with me or any intelligent indivudal when a representative of your hospital goes after another caregiver in town, particularly with the hospital's record. Did you speak of glass houses?!?

Teri J. Wilson
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 01, 2010 - Published September 15, 2010


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