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Too much Gov't regulation
By Robert K. Rice


September 15, 2010

Referencing a column by DeRoy Murdock, Era of unlimited government arrives, "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business," President Calvin Coolidge told journalists in March 1929.

Let's try to remember. Oh, we had the worst depression in modern history, that began in 1929. Must have been too much gov't regulation's. The second worst world economic meltdown in history, 2009, after 12 years of minimum gov't regulation. Ongoing and probably worst environmental catastrophe in history, probably also a result of minimum gov't regulation the last 8 years. There is too much regulation in our private lives, but so many fools shout "too much gov't regulation" when we want to regulate banks and big business monopolies, as the banks and oil companies that own our gov't continue to destroy our country. We should be demanding gov't regulations to reign in these out of control corporations. Vote out all incumbents who have the taint of corporate corruption about them. (This pretty well covers almost all US Senators and Congressmen.) Vote them out in the primaries, then we can continue with candidates of the party we individually prefer.


Robert K. Rice
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 15, 2010 - Published September 15, 2010



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