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By David G. Hanger


September 15, 2010


Hey, waddaya know its Gyppo Joe wants to teabag his way into the U.S. Senate.

Gyppo Joe. Gyppo Joe. What do you know, Gyppo Joe?

Hey, let's talk to Andy and Al and all the rest, those obsessed lovers of
Gyppo Joe. Have Andy and Al sworn off their social security?
Do Andy and Al intend their relatives to starve
Rather than take food stamps or an unemployment check?
Or is that just good enough for their neighbors
Who obviously they don't give a damned about.
Hey, Gyppo Joe, you got yours, and that's good enough,

Hey, waddaya know, Gyppo Joe?
Old Ted under that former Republican mantle
Brought six dollars back to this state
For every one dollar sent out.

But how about you, Gyppo Joe?
You want no money at all.
You want to turn off the money faucet.
Better Alaskans become subsistence gatherers,
Or starve.
Isn't that what you want for us, Gyppo Joe?

All your special friends with lots of money,
Hey, they are going to do real well under you,
Aren't they, Gyppo Joe?
You are not going to turn off their money faucets.
You will turn them up.

Alaska and America for millionaires only,
Or does it take billions now to qualify as friends
Of Gyppo Joe?

If you vote for Gyppo Joe, don't forget your
Gyppo Joe checklist.
Never apply for unemployment insurance.
Unemployment insurance is bad, and anyone
Who takes unemployment insurance
Is not a friend of Gyppo Joe.
Never apply for food stamps,
And never forget anyone who does is the lowest
Of low lifes.
Just ask Gyppo Joe.
Social Security?
Tell your grandma and grandpa to starve.
You don't want them hanging around your place,
Do you?
Or kill themselves,
As seniors used to do with considerable frequency
When they could no longer work.
Social security is evil incarnate,
Just ask Gyppo Joe.

So shoot yourself through the head
Blow off a few toes while you're at it.
Make yourself as good as dead
Because you hate TARP
Because you hate the stimulus
Because you hate Barack Obama.
Crawl into bed with Gyppo Joe,
And remember
Never again ask the government for anything.

Say yes to hunger.
Say yes to greed.
Say yes to the peonage of the American middle class.
Say yes to a return to the nineteenth century
By saying yes to Gyppo Joe.

If you've got even half a brain left,

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 10, 2010 - Published September 15, 2010



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