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By Charles Edwardson


September 15, 2010

My wife looks over at me sometimes when I'm typing feverishly either cussing or laughing. It's all the same it's laughably cussable what goes on in this town I mumble. She rolls her eyes saying, "You're not writing SitNews are you?" I say I can't help it babe, 'it just gets curiouser and curiouser' as the Mad Hatter says.

Croy construction is one of the most experienced metal builders in town, maybe the state and a fixture in this community as long as I can remember. And from my personal knowledge of Mr. Croy, he is a very astute businessman that has contributed to this community in many ways. The most important of all is local jobs provided. Croy construction has provided jobs for many people for many years. In my opinion, although kinda rough around the edges to put it kindly, Mr Croy is what many young contractors aspire to be and that is successful. And he is more than qualified to do the job that is being shanghaied from him.

Regardless of my personal opinion of Mr Croy, he was low bidder on a job the City of Ketchikan does not want him to have. The city council is allowing our attorneys to fight to pay someone else $100,000 MORE THAN CROY -- AND BY GOLLY WE'RE GONNA FIGHT AND COME HELL OR HIGH WATER WE'LL PAY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF PAYING THE NEXT HIGHEST BIDDER ONE HUNDRED GRAND MORE - plus attorney's fees.

Even to an outsider this has to seem absolutely idiotic. To those of us that have seen this kind of thing over and over in Ketchikan it just seems hopeless.

THIS letter won't be in SitNews prior to decision but I do not need to hear the judge's decision, in my opinion this is another example of the city council being spoon fed information.

I was on one of the jobs in contention that they site Croy for deficient work. As a subcontractor, the only thing deficient at that building site was the city's engineering firm and the lack of anybody from the city recognizing the engineering firm and architectural firm were very out of touch and obviously lacked any field experience in this climate. .

Notice I only mentioned Croy's name because I know he won't whine like a stuck pig, if i mention his name. If I mention any other names, it might damage their reputations.

Hey wait, that is what the city is trying to do to Croy. I say good luck to Mr. Croy and the lowest qualified bidder should get the job. And Croy Construction is qualified there is no disputing that. Just the sheer volume of work this company has produced in over 30 years of existence speaks to his ability.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK



Received September 11, 2010 - Published September 15, 2010


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