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The North Tongass Road Crew Rocks!
By Ardy Piston


September 15, 2010

I would like to say thank you to all of the men and women working to improve our road out North.  I admire all of the hard work you are doing.  I love to watch the operators as they load the dump trucks with dirt... tapping ever so delicately to level out each load.  Observing a seasoned operator maneuvering a huge piece of equipment to do some of the most delicate jobs... well, it's impressive.

I'd also like to give a kudos to the flaggers; you have a difficult job.  I can't imagine standing for umpteen hours a day... rain or shine... in all of the dust and exhaust with heavy equipment constantly going by.  To top it off, you have to deal with people driving too fast, not paying attention, or verbally abusing you.  Thank goodness you all don't write letters for every person that has an idiot attack as they go through your construction zone, or Sitnews would be overflowing.

I am thrilled that I can see down the road now as I pull onto the highway.  For years it has been pretty hairy attempting to pull out as I live on a blind corner.  The bike path is also a big event.  In the past it was not safe to walk on NTH because there was little, or no shoulder.  Now we can leave our house with the dogs, or on our bikes and go all the way to Refuge Cove. 

I see this as progress, and it pleases me. 

Yes, there are times when I get held up in the construction zone, but I know it can happen so I leave early.  I do wonder if the times that traffic is stopped could be changed to accommodate people driving to and from work.... say start at 8:00am... stop at 5:00 pm (just long enough to funnel everybody through then start up again)  Just a thought.

I understand that some people are getting frustrated, but honestly, in the grand scheme of things, isn't it enough that we live in a place where our roads are even paved?  Where men and women can work together to achieve a common goal that will improve our community?  Hang in there folks... it will be done soon, and we will reap the benefits.

Ardy Piston
and The K9PAWC
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 10, 2010 - Published September 15, 2010



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