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Something smells funny
By Robert McRoberts


September 09, 2010
Thursday PM

Recently I've been seeing some strange doings at the city that I do not understand. Our economics are solely seasonal now. Building new homes has slowed dramatically, but yet a new friggin library, a luxury item, is a top priority project.

The telephone company is going broke because they had to get into TV. I'm sick of the Ketchikan commercials -- just as bad as all the local channels.

Now the Ketchikan city manager gets a $30,000 raise. Are we really doing that good? Or is it the last ditch and take the money and run? Why not-- the city can raise taxes to cover that raise. Hell yeah -- unless you become a senior citizen and pay no taxes. Something smells funny. The city made sure the Borough residents could not vote on the library.

I pay library taxes which they say is for operational cost. Do you think a new library with more staff is going to cost less? Seems the library was sharing the cost with the Museum. Now we'll have more snow removal and heating costs in winter. More reasons to tax us. Every time I buy something in the town I pay taxes, city taxes. As a business, I collect and pay taxes for the city for work inside the city. I think I am paying my share of the say. We should all be able to have our say on if we need a new friggin library.

I really like how Mr Dial keeps track of stuff but I really think we should be consolidated. Smart people know it is not a good idea to be wasting money on things that do not make you money.

OK you're coming to burn me down, destroy me for talking bad. But the 10 million + this will end up costing I could use for starting a business at the remains of the pulp mill property. That could produce 100 low and medium paying jobs. Since it's my thought I will not say. but you could ask me if your interested. It could save all of Ketchikan and every community in south east money. Basically it's happening around the country more regular, but not in south east Alaska. Remember when the pulp mill was making power to supply the town?

Ketchikan is never going to survive on the backs of the working people of our community. We are just starting to see the slow down going on in the rest of the United States. We don't make anything here all year long. In the old days when pulp was down the lumber industry would carry over L.P. If our local government would stand up against round log exportation and say local milling or no wood. No we would rather have a bridge to nowhere but no one was standing on the corner saying yes, let put a penitentiary on Gravina. Let's get some thing to build a bridge to. I guess there were worries they would just dump the prisoners on our streets. Arizona's not complaining. When they get out they go back to were they came.

So as one fool once told me, that's my ill informed opinion. But I am man enough to put it out there and stand up to being pushed out of my community because we have nothing to subsidize our lives in this community . And the leaders are long gone with our taxes.

Watching Ketchikan and the world change for 40 + years,

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 07, 2010 - Published September 09, 2010


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