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More positive than negative
By Charles Edwardson


September 07, 2010

For the woman who did not like my word friggin, I have had many more positive responses than negative about my 'no new library of any kind' opinion.

I did not speak against our library at all -- just a new one. And I will stand by my statements. Ask most Ketchikan residents do we even need a new library not where do we need a new library and the majority of people would say, no we do not need a (new) library.

I also have raised all of my children in Ketchikan and they have all been through Ketchikan High School (the school my wife and I graduated from hence the punctuation and grammar) except my youngest. She is in Schoenbar now (again the same school my wife and I graduated from). They were all very good students and a couple were in the national honor society. The middle schooler is well on her way for the same kind of academic and athletic path as the older ones. All three of the older ones were four year lettermen -- the whole bit.

I can count on one hand the times any of them (and I have four girls by the way) ever said the words dad I'm going to the library. In fact now that I think about it those words were never spoken to my knowledge ever by my girls or any other kid that ever was around our house -- and that was a bunch with pizza parties for the various teams, getting ready for prom, get togethers & on and on. There were always kids at our house. Coaches as well for the various ages would bring whole teams to our house for team orientations etc, and I'm going to the library for "whatever" was never a big topic. So my question is whose topic is this any way and is it for the kids? They have the internet and have for a generation. They're not going to the library..

Most kids, by the way, don't read Sitnews so my word friggin unless on Facebook was not seen by many kids.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

About: Raised four girls here, couple on national honor society and all did very well in high school

Received September 06, 2010 - Published September 07, 2010


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