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Church and State: What was
By A.M.Johnson


September 07, 2010


All of us who have been educated in our public schools over the past 50 plus years and present day,have been taught the separation of church and state. It has been driven home that there is no common relationship between the two. Now in the current venue of public debate, the schism between religions has become wider. In the Village Square Judo-Christian religions are being viewed in even more disparaging terms.

This continuing harangued by the left leaning progressives who fear truth needs to be pushed back to reestablish our true early American history. I believe as example, Mr. Glenn Beck representing the main stream conservative revitalization efforts, has placed the subject front and center for Americans to consider.

I am compelled to participate in a small way. Following is a video, which I have submitted to several of Ketchikan Gateway School board members. I indicated and do so here, that there is no curriculum bent by this submission. The point being made is that "Yes, church and state did exist in this country and did so for over 100 plus years. Yes, our founders were religious even the agnostics among our forefathers, recognized that our human belief in a power greater than ourselves gave us the moral compass to forge through life.

What you will see in this video is history not taught in our public schools. Should it be? From my perspective a resounding "Yes !". For religious promotion? absolutely not , The necessity of truth and the science of history must be accurate, how else are our young citizens to draw conclusions when key elements of history are purposely rejected.


Ketchikan, AK


Received September 04, 2010 - Published September 07, 2010


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