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Voting in Hydaburg's City Election
By Frances C. Natkong


September 24, 2009

To Registered Voters of Hydaburg: I'm writing once again with the threat of being sued hanging over my head because I feel that our school here in Hydaburg needs to be about the children again. Right now there are two (2) teachers for Kindergarten to 5th grades. Sounds like way back in the day when all grades were grouped in one class. We're supposed to be moving ahead not going further back.

All the classified employees had 15 minutes cut off their time so they don't get any benefits now, they depended on insurance for meds that SEARHC doesn't cover and they have no more sick leave, personal leave, nothing! And the present school board gave their blessings for this. The comment made to one employee was "Oh, I thought you got Native Health," that is discrimination of the very worst kind.

A long time employee was given no choice but to resign, it was either that or be forced out, either way there was no choice. Again, the present school board gave their blessings for this.

It's time to make the school about the children again, it's time to hire a Superintendent, at least he/she would share concern about the education of our children. I have a grandson in 3rd grade and a grandson will be in school in 3 years plus nieces and nephews who are in school, hopefully there will be a school here for them to attend in the future or will our children end up being bussed to different schools on the Island because our school will be broke?

I got figures from the present administration regarding salaries (which the administration later denied in a letter to me, by the way I still have the letters) and it would astound you to see how much both salaries are per month. Speechless is what you would be. You can't run a school like you do a high powered business, there has to be concern for your students AND your employees. Concern for their health, education and welfare and with out classified personnel the school would have to close.

The classified employees are the present employees who've worked long and hard and been very loyal to the district and to have this happen to them is horrendous at the very least. I would like to appeal to the young parents of school children in Hydaburg to take a stand, run for the school board this year and make a difference in our school for your children, our children, all children.

One more thing, if this letter is responded to with a lawsuit from the administration of Hydaburg school I just want you to know that when I get through paying my bills each month and buying food, I'm broke, they can take my home and leave me homeless but one thing they CANNOT, and I repeat CANNOT do is take away my care and concern for all children and our school district. So, I have nothing to lose. I'll never ever lose the feelings I have for all children and our school.

I can and will tell you this, that I am not voting for the present school board and again, I urge young parents to step up and run for the school board, make the school about the children again.

Thank you.

Frances C. Natkong
Hydaburg, AK

About: "Life time resident of Hydaburg, Advocate for children and women."

Received September 24, 2009 - Published September 24, 2009



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