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Cats, Wolves, Winter
By Ardath Piston


September 24, 2009

If you let your cats outside to roam, the likelihood that they will be eaten, hit by a car, stolen, or killed by ingesting poison is high. There are many possibilities as to why a cat does not come home besides being eaten by a wolf. If you let your cats outside, you must accept that they may not return.

As a reminder, with Winter coming, many people will be boarding up basements, closing up crawl spaces etc in their homes and/or rentals. Now is a prime time to keep your cats inside so they do not get trapped in such an area. I have seen it happen. The outcome was rather gruesome come Spring.

Also remember that just a few licks of anti-freeze can kill your pet or your child. Anti-freeze tastes sweet and it is an appealing color. Unfortunately some people still dump it on the ground instead of disposing of it properly. Check your vehicles for leaks too. If you notice a maple doughnut odor coming from under your hood, or a bright green liquid under your car you might have a leak. Driving a car that is leaking anti-freeze can kill someone's pet. Wherever you park you are leaving poison on the ground.

Ardath Piston
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 22, 2009 - Published September 24, 2009



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