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By Ken Lewis


September 21, 2009
Monday PM

It is understandable that we have an emotional outrage over drug use, locally, regionally and nationally. And that focusing upon our young adults just might curb future use. But if the reason we send our youth to public schools is to get the best education, then I will suggest the following:

The RIGHT OF; can be summed up as the pursuit of... As in: the Pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. No child has the right to straight A's. But each has the right to pursue those straight A's in this country.

The drug testing of a 16 year old second baseman, point guard, goalie or marching band member is like spitting into a camp fire to extinguish it. If to be any of the above takes an average or better grade to participate in, that grade itself tells the objective mind that these kids are getting an education! If the goal is to divide the students into kids worth saving through drug testing and kids not worth saving through drug tests, we are on track.

Based upon my ignorance, (I signed up for junior college); the objective of a public education is to in fact educate. Drug testing the kids who are not in PURSUIT of that objective is the only common sense use of drug testing. Test the kids with failing grades, and just maybe fewer distractions will take up space in a class room designed to enable those not on dope to pursue those A's.

Any young person not trying to get educated in public schools should become the sole responsibility of the parent. There are private schools and home schooling options.

The USA has a peculiar way of pointing at and addressing drug problems! And here's the test for today's students! Popular belief is MLB has a serious drug problem!

(1) Name 1 dead overdosed MLB Player?
(2) Name 100 dead on dope, Actors, Musicians?
(3) Which industry needs to be drug tested?
(4) If drug testing a athlete is ok because it is a privilege to play, not a right, why doesn't the department of motor vehicles apply this logic to 200 million drivers' licenses?
(5) Why did Junior College deny Ken's application?

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I am interested in our game plan to the War on Drugs. Voice on this issue is good."

Received September 19, 2009 - Published September 21, 2009


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