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By Tracey Horne Scadden


September 16, 2009

Having read Ms. Martin's letter on her thoughts about suicide.I applaud you for taking the stand it wasn't your fault.

In 1975 in Ketchikan when I was a young gal of 14 I was on the receiving end as a very close friend of mine tried to end his life, Racing to the hospital that early morning I was asked by his family members "Did you guys have a fight"? I was only 14, so of course I began to blame myself -- and we didn't have a fight. For years I carried this guilt that maybe I was partly responsible for him pulling that trigger that ill fated morning.

I also was told that someone who tries in such a violent manner will try again and take the person closest to him .How do you suppose I felt again?

I could go on but won't. I just want you to know that you have wisdom beyond your young age. Please continue to feel the way you do. It's how I feel now. It took me many many years to feel this way. No one should take the blame but the person themself.

I am still quite close with this family -- we were able to mend and move on.

Tracey Horne Scadden
Ray, UT

About: " First hand knowledge what someone young feels like when someone close attempts sucide. Been there."

Received September 15, 2009 - Published September 16, 2009


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