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Healthcare reform
By Dale Albertson


September 14, 2009

In reading Dale McFeatters' oped on Healthcare reform I was inclined to ignore this issue. However, truth always wins out. Revisit the "speech" on this matter to the joint session. It is empty of fact or substance, full of rhetoric and grandstanding. There is plenty of denial on issues dear to the citizens but empty of sources to back up those denials, just denial, oh, and threats against any who oppose the "reforms". Here is just one "fact" relative to peoples concerns: In an article by Byron York, Chief Political Correspondent, The Washington Examiner, entitled: "Health care reform means more power for the IRS", he claims that the IRS would become the main agency charged with determining if you have "acceptable" health insurance. This article inspired Herman Cain, "The Herman Cain Show" to do some research. He found the following little tidbit: "It's Division A, Title IV on pages 167-215 called Amendments to IRS Code of 1986. The expanded powers of the IRS in H.R. 3200 would empower the IRS to require taxpayers to show proof of health insurance coverage, collect fines on individuals and employers who did not have adequate proof of health insurance and determine whether your health insurance was a government approved plan."

Sorry "Dale", but I bet you never even read H.R. 3200, or is it you just don't care?

Those who permit evil to triumph are just as guilty, sitting back and hoping for the best "change", as those who perpetrate the evil. I'm sorry, but giving the IRS more guns and more power over peoples lives is not the answer to social change. Unless you really just want socialism. Hmmm, Let's stop and really look at the backgrounds of the ones in charge, and their advisors and confidants, their history of social activism. Better yet, go way back, back to 1960 when little Nikita took his shoe off and banged on the table and stated "We will bury you", all the while referring to imperialist America, her social injustice and disorder. He also stated that the USSR did not have to invade the USA, they would destroy her from within.

Now again, tell me about your change?

Justice is it's own Petard. Truth is it's own Discard.

Foist on.

Dale Albertson
Pahoa, HI

About: " I am from among the First Peoples. I am a retired investigator having worked for the DOD, State, Military and private agencies in the areas of fraud and security."

Received September , 2009 - Published September 14, 2009


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