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Special Election for U.S. Senator
By Joe Armstrong


September 03, 2009

As a citizen of the small harbor community of Scituate, MA (pop. 17,000), I am impressed that your own harbor community appears more aware of the threat to the tradition of fair elections evidenced by Governor Patrick's proposed change in our electoral laws than most locals do in the BayState. Not two hours ago, I met personally with my local State Representative, a Democrat, to express my objection to the Governor's proposal to change the electoral laws existing since 2004 in regard to how a Senate seat is filled in the case of a mid-term vacancy.

I told the respresentative that to approve a change now, "ex post facto" (after the fact) in reaction to the unfortunate passing of Senator Kennedy constituted a clearly unethical, and most likely unconstitutional seizure of the right of a free citizenry to choose their own representatives in accordance with the laws of the people. Article 1, Section 10 of the U.S. Contitution, I pointed out, specifically prohibits the passing of ex post facto laws. I further explained that many citizens, including myself, felt strongly that the continued dramatic expansion of the Federal Government into the healthcare field, the automobile business, the banking and hedge fund businesses, among others, constituted the rapid conversion of our society from free market capitalism to one of socialism. I then objected to the proposed granting of new appointment powers to Governor, pointing out that the same Democratic-controlled legislature in 2004 knew such a four month period without a 2nd Senator would occur when they kept Governor Romney from having such power. I then asked the critical question of my representative... Do I live under the laws of the people, or the edicts of the Democractic Party. To his credit, he was impressed enough with my case to offer his assistance on getting me into the upcoming joint session public hearing on the matter to be held next Weds. Sept. 9, 2009. If successful on gaining a spot on the citizen speaker list, I will have three minutes to make my case for the continuance of freedom in the state where freedom began.

You are right, what we do now as citizens here in Massachusetts could result in the creation of the 60-vote Senate majority needed to officially stop debate on the pending Obamacare Bill, among other spending measures designed to put my young nieces and nephews into untenable debt for the rest of their lives. I appreciate that our fellow citizens on the shores of Alask have expressed the same concern many of us in the minority opinion have as we face this peril of citizenship. Do the ends justify the means? Governor Patrick obviously believes they do and unfortunately, I am not sure enough citizens in Massachusetts even care anymore.

Joe Armstrong
Scituate, MA

About: "I live in the seacoast town of Scituate, MA, pop. 17,000 and have served on the town budget committee and several other local gov. boards. In addition I am an independent small businessman who faces increased taxes and regulations on a nearly constant basis. Though a Republican until 2004, I have been a registered Independent ever since in reaction to the tax and spend policies of the Bush Administration."

Received September 01, 2009 - Published September 03, 2009


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