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Mayor Bob
By Rob Glenn


September 25, 2008

Mayor Weinstein should be thanking Sarah Palin right now. Had it not been for Palin becoming the GOP VP candidate the Mayor would not be the celebraty he is today. No NYtimes, no CNN, he would just be the mayor of a Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan known for its bridge to nowhere well before Sarah Palin was nominated. Ketchikan where many people are struggling through cancer. Ketchikan where just recently the water was declared ok to drink. "Ketchikan, a quaint little drinking villiage with a fishing problem."

Mayor Weinstein, you sure looked good there on CNN bragging about your road to nowhere. Why did you not mention that the road was built not because Sarah said it was ok, but because the road was earmarked by congress, a very niave congress who obviously does not research what they are spending our money on.

The money for the bridge was not earmarked. Well they removed the earmark, allowing Palin and the Alaska senate to do what they pleased with the money.

It is funny how people will try to hurt others careers because they did not get what they felt was theirs. Truth is, Sarah Palin has done alot more for Alaska over the past month than any could ever imagine.

Also, Mayor Weinstein should be thrilled that a person from Alaska for the first time ever is running for this high of a position.

Rob Glenn
New York, NY

About: "Tob lived in Ketchikan for 3 years"

Received September , 2008 - Published September 25, 2008


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