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Anti Alaska Mythbusters
By Herb Small


September 22, 2008


In response to Mayor Weinstein regarding a group he has formed called "Alaska Mythbusters", I'd like to question the following: Besides Weinstein, Tony Knowles and three other people who belong to this esteemed group - who else belongs and why were they so secretive in their meeting that they didn't even bother to notify our local press prior to conferring with the national news media -- who I might add didn't seem to just jump on their story and print it on the front page of the NY Times.

Mayor Weinstein should speak ONLY for himself about the "Bridge to Nowhere" Firstly, the Bridge does not imply that Ketchikan is "nowhere" . The bridge would have began in Ketchikan and gone to Gravina Island. I can understand if the alleged 50 people who live on Gravina might have been offended but NOT Ketchikan! I might add that even when the bridge was an issue it never had more than about 50%-50% support at best. It was not a project than everyone in

Ketchikan was drooling to see happen. I too, had misgiving on the bridge, I felt it would detract from Ketchikan''s natural beauty--yet I deeply resent every time I pay $40 for a 10 minute trip on a silly ferry to get my family to or from the airport. The airport ferry system needs a real REHAULING--that might be a better project for Mr Weinstein than Alaska Mythbuster. haps he might peruse this at his next available chance--say TODAY!!!

As a mayor of a town much smaller than Ketchikan (Wasilla) and as a Governor of Alaska for less than 2 years, Sarah Palin (as is Weinstein) and I will proudly support a McCain/Palin ticket in November.

Mayor Weinstein is the poster child for term limits. We need to replace him and thus give him more time to jog around town in his over tight spandex shorts between 9 and 5 pm when he supposedly is working.

Herb Small
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Ten year resident of Ketchikan"

Received September 20, 2008 - Published September 22, 2008


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