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Sharing of Faiths
By Judy McCune


September 18, 2008
Thursday PM

In response to Mr. Hoff's letter stating that the Natives need to get back to their own ways and not let other religions distract them from doing so -- I live in Western Washington and consort with many Natives of many tribes in a very beautiful way. I love the Native people with all of my heart. I am seeing that they are learning about their culture, enjoying their beliefs as well as afiliating with other religions. In fact, they invite me to join them in their Native Traditions. The sharing of our Faiths goes both ways.

It is obvious that Mr. Hoff has reached a stage in his life where he does want to recapture his culture and ways. Possibly he just wasn't ready to start this wonderful journey until this time. Keep in mind that there are no religions in the next life, only souls. If we can keep this in mind we may be less apt to make devisions that build barriers between the peoples of the earth that creator created. To connect with creator is the purpose of all religions. I wish Mr. Hoff well on his quest, and hope he continues to encourage other Natives to do the same. In past years the people of other religions did interfere with the Native culture and wronged them terribly. Go forth learn and do, but please do it for the love of your people and all of the peoples of the earth. Make the four directions come together in a good way. I am happy to read that Mr. Hoff is now taking a stand to be proud of who he is. The Natives are the keepers of the earth, and will illumine the world. You have an important roll to play in the future of this earth and the people that live on it. Most of them don't know it yet, including Mr. Hoff.

Trust in God that you will lead us all, and do not shut any of God's words out of your life. They are all sacred and meant to be to guide us along the way.

Good journey,

Judy McCune
Chehalis, WA

Received September 18, 2008 - Published September 18, 2008


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