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Ketchikan swimming pool
By Shauna Lee


September 16, 2008

I completely agree with Zig regarding the Ketchikan swimming pool. My entire family has enjoyed the facility at one time or another and swimming is a fantastic all around past time on many levels. I fully support the improvement of a city pool.

I would like to suggest though that the scope of use be widened when this improvement happens. As one of the managers of the Ketchikan Coho Logrolling Team, we have wanted an indoor facility for our kids for years - and the pool would be perfect! At present, our team is confined to practice only during the summer months when the pond at the Lumberjack Show is full. Our kids have a very short amount of time to practice on this pond before attending world championship events to represent Ketchikan. If the team was given the opportunity to practice year round, we would be unstoppable!

So much attention is given to the Killer Whales, and with good reason. Our young swimmers are very talented and represent our town well. But I doubt that many people know how well our young logrollers are representing us on the world stage! We have twice had a JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPION from Ketchikan, and right now, my daughter, Stasha Lee, is ranked second in the world in womens semi-pro logrolling. This is no small feat! The team consists of kids from the age of 5 to 16, they practice only twice a week at the Lumberjack Show during the summer months and yet manage, with the help of amazing coaches, to dominate the competition at The Lumberjack World Championships.

I would urge the pool committee to consider our team when making improvements. Pools across the nation have logrolling teams utilizing logs that are pressure treated and coated to make them suitable for indoor water use. Our team is happy to purchase these logs if only we had a pool to put them in. Our team, consisting of around 100 youngsters, could practice year round indoors - a welcome relief from the rain and wind they usually practice in.

I encourage parents and family of Coho kids to speak to members of the pool committee - let them know how much your kids enjoy this fun sport! With year round practice, our Ketchikan kids would dominate the competition!

Shauna Lee
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Shauna Lee is a 31 year resident of Ketchikan and a mother of 2."

Received September 15, 2008 - Published September 16, 2008


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