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What to do?
By Robert McRoberts


September 16, 2008

I am sure we all get caught up in our lives where we are to busy too care. I should have gotten in on the ballot to be the next mayor, but I am too busy to get involved. I would just like to give suggestions, just as we all should, unless you're just crying that someone did something. Just what does the Mayor get for pay? You cry about buying the guy a few meals. Why should a go-getter want to get involved?

It is like this -- if you want someone who can take charge and get this place moving you have to treat them right. If I was Mayor I have so many things in my mind to get things moving. But as soon as I did something good for our community someone would be mad at me for getting my cut. Beware people, what Stevens did was not as bad as it's made out to be. Young on the other hand maybe was not a good thing. If there's nothing in it for us why waste our time when we can do our investing on are own? All we get are the people who just want to be a big shot, sneak in a few back doors and tell stories.

Regarding the race for the next Presidency, I am not a power hungry Christian Republican, or a bleeding heart Democrat. I am stuck in the middle. America really needs a strong three party system. Someone that can take the good from all sides and put them into action. We need heath care for all. We're already giving it to the poor, and the rich and union worker have their own. Me, I have to pay for my own, but as soon as I need to use it I will be toast -- just as many other good people have learned. maybe that's why the poor chose to be poor. Why work so hard just to have a bad day and lose it all? I do not know how we can think the ones that are in government care about the ones that don't have insurance, because once you serve you get heath care for ever. They don't care. Look out for #1. To some it easy to be a barracuda. I would like to see someone like George Carlin be the boss.

Yes, old Sara slammed us on TV. but we were never going to get a bridge at 300 million. Ketchikan got too greedy just like this thing to grab more land so we could get a million more $ in federal timber grants and crank up our taxes to cover this stupid move. Let the state take care of it, why do you think they let it happen? It costs more than it reveals. Why is Ketchikan not even shown on the statewide news. except when they're talking about nowhere? But when they ask what we would take, we said nothing but a bridge. Maybe a couple ferries that could be more versatile for the traffic would of been too much. No, we just build one on our dime that is just like the old ones. Why not something cool like a ferry that ran on electricity? To get some growth on Gravina there should of been a land lottery. I would buy and I bet a lot of others would too. Why do you not care about connecting the roads to Petersburg and making Ketchikan a stop were people could drive through Alaska instead of us paying for them to ride the ferries? Camping and fishing -- it's big stuff every where else.Running these boats is a cost. We need to shorten the runs, smaller boats, less crew.

I have a hard time focusing on my main topic -- if I was Mayor. I would not need to make new jobs @120,000$ a year that we don't really need. Read the top again. I would be telling the city no on the Library and parking garage -- the offices are moving out of down town and there will be less need. The fire station should be right by Tatsuda's that way the emergency vehicles can stay out of downtown when responding to every where but the docks. Then again far enough out of the center of downtown to free up more parking. I would get the state to get our highways finished up. I bet more accidents are from Saxman to town, but this piece of road is still the same winding road that was there in the beginning. No more going out and starting at the end and hop around. It seems to me the closer to town, the more traffic. What to do with the head tax monies, are you totally stupid? Let's make town easier for the locals to deal with them. Proper lighted crosswalks, I like those yellow lights -- you can tell some one really wants to cross.

One thing I have to say I like about what Sara did when she was Mayor of Wasilla was to get rid of personal property taxes, Just maybe that's why they started earning more sales taxes. The malls and shopping moved into Wasilla. Well, I am tired of telling you all what I would do because I didn't put my name on the ballot -- so who cares. If you like what I had to say write me in the blank when you don't know whose name to check. at least it will make a point. If I did win, I would do good for myself too by creating more work than we have workers. Maybe that's already the problem. Now what do we do? We can't afford to live here any more.

Thanks for letting me opine.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 11, 2008 - Published September 16, 2008


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