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Slamming social work and social workers?
By Ralph Mirsky


September 16, 2008

While watching the Republican National Convention, I asked myself; why would the Republicans spend a whole night of their convention attacking ordinary people?

With the nation watching, the Republican speakers including our Governor, Sarah Palin mocked, dismissed, and actually laughed out loud at Americans who engage in community service and organizing to assist people in need. Although I am somewhat surprised by Governor Palin's comments, Giuliani's comments are vintage arrogance and ignorant Guiliani and it shows their true elitist demeaning feelings towards ordinary people .

I for one am extremely proud of the work that we at SEA Link Inc. a non profit community service, organizing and recruiting agency, working in partnership with the Seafarers International Union have done for the citizens of the state of Alaska. We have helped over three hundred hard to serve youth and dislocated workers from the fishing, logging and other industries find viable training and jobs in the commercial maritime shipping industry. Jobs that include working aboard Military Sealift Command support vessels, that support our troops throughout the world and jobs working aboard oil tankers that carry Alaskan Crude to the lower 48, freighters that transport 90% of what Alaska utilizes and exports, jobs aboard tugs that bring barges loaded with goods and equipment that Alaska needs and jobs working aboard the Alaska State Ferries carrying passengers throughout the state and down and back to Canada and Bellingham WA. These individuals working aboard these vessels as fully trained and certified Able Bodied Seaman and engine room Oilers and Qmeds and licensed officers.

Last year we along with the Seafarers International Union were the proud recipients of an honorary citation by the 25th Alaska Legislature for all the great work that we have done for the citizens of this great state. Barak Obama should have been praised and not chastised for a job well done when he was a community organizer working with displaced workers as he like us was truly engaged in doing God's work.

Ralph Mirsky
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 05, 2008 - Published September 16, 2008


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