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By Mike Isaac


September 16, 2008

I hope that when John McCain takes the helm on 1-20-09 that he pushes for things that are both good for the 300 Million people and not his old friends with their 8 figure incomes that pay their help $8 hr or just steps down after 24 hrs. McCain had no chance till he picked Sara Palin for VP. Some of the polls have Obama ahead by only 5% in NY, 7% in WA, 8% in CA and OR, MN is now tied. Those are states where he should be ahead by over 10%. OH and PA are also tied and MT and FL are looking red and all of this is thanks to Sara Palin. She has taken the lead away from the Messiah. Sara leads the Messiah 227 to 207 with most of the 104 toss ups turning red.

ANWR, she's for it he's not and if McCain cares for his country he will listen and act on this issue, but when you are married to someone worth 500 Million you may not know what a gallon of gas cost. The lower fuel cost, the lower everything else cost. If fuel keeps going up, towns that depend on tourist $$$ will start to take a BIG HIT. For some reason guys like McCain act like Alaska is a piece of Real Estate and not a State. Polar Bears seems to have more rights than the residents do and greens in the northeast have more power and say than local office holders do.

Global warming, Sara's not to worried about it and feels man's impact is very little at most if at all. John McCain however thinks my 4X4 is to blame despite the fact that his high desert hometown of Sedona, Arizona had its hottest day in 1985 at 106 F and its coldest night in 1990 at 3 F above zero. In this California mountain town the local airport recorded a record low of -25 F in 1979 a record high of 94 in 1972. And Anchorage Palin's backyard had a record high of 92F in 1931 and a -38 F in 1947. Looks like global warming has forgot about the High Desert, Alpine and Sub Arctic climate zones of the west. You too can debunk global warming in your town at For the record 1996 is still the warmest year since the 1900's. However the NWS is missing about 6 billion years of weather data.

On taxes, she has a record of cutting property taxes in Wasilla and McCain voted against the Bush tax cut back in 2002 and voted to raise taxes under BUSH 41. Sara seems to think that she must answer to the people while John McCain has no problem going against the will of the people and last summer he tried to ram his amnesty plan through just to please BIG FARM and the cheap labor crowd. Sara on the other hand is for high paying jobs for people on this side of the border. Would you rather make $80,000 a yr building a gas pipeline in Alaska or make $8 a hr for some of McCain's farm pals in Arizona???

On the media, McCain has in the past tried to befriend the likes of the NY times while she made it clear in Minnesota she was not about making friends with them but to her credit the more they hammer her the higher her polls go up, if they keep it up she may win McCain 50 states. These two are so different that it's hard to believe they're on the same ticket let alone the same party. If McCain was smart, he will do as she tells him or just go back to Arizona and have a few cold ones on his wife's dime. GO PALIN GO.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake , CA

About: Former long time resident of Ketchikan.

Received September , 2008 - Published September 16, 2008


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