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Holding Palin's Feet to the Fire!
By Jay Jones


September 16, 2008

Hurrah for Guv Tony and Mayor Bob for holding Sarahcudda's feet to the fire for flip-flopping, or at least changing her mind (don't cut her any slack because she's a woman!).

Too bad she wasn't thoroughly grilled before she became Guv. We could've had Andrew Halcro instead! She should have been asked the tough questions while she was Mayor of Wasilla.

Questions such as the ones I would like to ask Mayor Bob Weinstein. Questions like "Under what conditions did you come to aquire a lot on Creek Street, and under what conditions did you dispose of that lot?". Or "Why was The New York Cafe granted a public convenience liqour license in '02 and renewed in '06 (although historically, booze was never sold or served there) but The Fish House was denied the same type of license? Arbitary and capricious? Cronyism?

Maybe these questions will get answered when he runs for higher office.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 12, 2008 - Published September 16, 2008


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