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Gutter Ads Get Us Nowhere
By Christina Zettner


September 16, 2008

John McCain's "maverick" and "reform" image is proving to be nothing more than that: an image. The John McCain of 2000 denounced attack-and-run politics that smeared candidates and distorted facts. But now, his campaign is relying on those same tactics and has crossed the line with the latest television ad rolled out in battleground states.

The segment, endorsed by McCain, crosses the line of decency and truth by falsely claiming that Barack Obama supported a bill for the "sex education of kindergartners". The fact is, Obama voted for an education law in Illinois that included, as a part of it, age-appropriate education to protect children from society's most depraved criminals: sex offenders who prey on children.

For McCain to distort the intent and purpose of the law into something that would alarm any American, whether Democrat or Republican, is shameful. The fact that no one within the campaign had the sense to block the ad only speaks to the level of gutter politicking the McCain camp is willing to stoop in order to win the election.

For months now, the McCain campaign has spent donor money to produce ads that are sarcastic, silly, and now despicable. The "Straight Talk Express" is being fueled by lies and exaggerations that I know the John McCain of previous years would never tolerate. If McCain is unable to clean up the antics of his campaign managers and advisors, the Straight Talk Express could find itself derailed.

Christina Zettner
West Chester, PA

Received September 10, 2008 - Published September 16, 2008


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