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Mayor shooting his mouth off
By Charles Edwardson


September 16, 2008

First of all I am running for City Council. I am a general contractor past commercial fisherman, Pulp mill worker and heavy equipment operator and many other jobs in between. I have served on Ketchikan Indian Community Tribal council for four years, past vice president of the Ketchikan Home Builders Association,(SEABIA) current president of (SEABIA) Southeast Alaska Building Industry Association. I teach construction technology at UAS Ketchikan and helped establish the Ketchikan Construction Academy. I was recently chairman of the Citizens for a Positive Economy (now inactive) and am involved in various other organizations in Ketchikan. In my spare time I coach Dribblers League and have watched every single game of two, going on three, girls' play basketball from Dribblers through Schoenbar ,ultimately KAYHI. They all have done very well. My ten year old is following in her three sisters footsteps and is tearing up every sport she participates in (proud father obviously).

Enough about me let's talk about our mayor trashing our ALASKAN WOMEN NOMINEE FOR Vice President of these United States. Democrat or Republican, ridiculous bridge or no ridiculous bridge she is an Alaskan who just so happens not to think of Ketchikan as a huge priority. My suggestion would be do a better job changing that Mr Mayor. I'm guessing your comments probably are not going to help "just a guess".

My Mayor should not be on the national scene spewing his mouth off with "share the wealth " Democratic hogwash. (I am not a Ketchikan public official yet so I can spew off MY biased opinion.)

The bridge has had little if no realistic chance of ever being built. It has been an issue since my father in-law, now seventy something was a kid. Get over it . It has, ,is and will be an unrealistic project. Our elected mayor by Republican and Democratic constituency should not be on a soapbox criticizing something that not everyone in Ketchikan agreed upon. Making the statement that "I am not speaking as the Mayor of Ketchikan" only emphasizes that (YOU ARE THE MAYOR OF KETCHIKAN). This statement in this context is a veiled attempt at using your position to get attention paid to your biased narrow opinion.

I would appreciate it if my mayor sticks to cutting ribbons and attending Chamber lunches and keep your opinions to yourself. At least as long as you represent me.

And you on the City Council (a position I hope to attain) should reign in your spokesman and censor political grandstanding unless directed by the Council.

The City Council as a body is the representatives for this city not the mayor. He is only a spokesman for you "CITY COUNCIL". Get a handle on your jobs and start counseling.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

About: Candidate for Ketchikan City Council.

Received September 11, 2008 - Published September 16, 2008


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