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Go Palin!!
By Robert Glenn


September 09, 2008

Mr, Thrush I am not sure if you were asking who my senators were because you were being sarcastic or just really didnt know. So they are Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. I never said that Alaska should not get money, I just did not feel that they needed a bridge to Gravina. Why not build a bridge to some place where you could cross into the Americas ( I mean once you get a bridge to North America you can drive all the way down to South America if you wanted, and people could drive to Ketchikan.) But a bridge to Gravina goes where? (NO WHERE)

When I lived there, I did not complain about taking the ferry. Like I said in previous posts if the weather is bad, you are not going to miss the plane because of the ferry. So, there are complaints about the money you have to pay to go on the ferry. Don't you think the toll on the bridge would be close to that amount or maybe even more since the Bridge was going to cost upwards of 300 million and ketchikan was not offered that much. So who would then pay for it? And who would pay for its maintenance? And what about those wicked South East winds you get? The bridge would have crossed the narrows perpendicular to those winds. When it was really blowing would you be able to get across? And how about the natural pristine Alaska they promote to get people from around the world to come up and see/spend money in Alaska?

My one dollar you get is nothing to the $3200 you are receiving for the PFD and Energy relief. Hey I was paying 4.50 for a regular gallon of gas too. Maybe those who want the bridge could start offering up their PFD or not even that, maybe they should start paying state taxes.

None the less, I am very happy to see Palin as a VP candidate. She has my vote, not because she scrapped your bridge, but because she realized how bad the idea was for 8000 people and then decided that it was not necessary. Imagine you got the 90 million for the bridge she would have then had to budget the state's budget for another 200+ million dollars for that bridge. She changed her mind.

Yet she is the most highly approved Governor in the ENTIRE country. Go Palin!!

Robert Glenn
New York, NY

Received September 06, 2008 - Published September 09, 2008



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