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Didn't the Obama gang take High School Civics?
By Mark Neckameyer


September 09, 2008

Their crazy, off base claims and charges, some of which are just impossible, make you wonder if they had civics ever!. Have you heard the Obama "Talking Point", must be an official talking point as all his apologists say it the same way. They claim, "McCain voted with President Bush 90% of the time". Huh? Presidents don't vote so what the heck are they talking about? President Bush can't vote on laws, ever!

Another off base, maybe purposely deceptive thing the Obama minions claim is they say Obama has plans to fix all manner of problems from Social Security running out of money to how to make Iran love us to how to keep male cats from yowling on Summer nights. Problem here is that these kinds of issues require legislation and in our Constitutional government that means Congress has to fix those things by passing laws and then the President gets to run the apparatus to put the laws into effect. Even the blame Bush for the economy's recent problems chant falls into this category of "trick-speech". All laws on taxes and things financial must, per the US Constitution, originate in the House Of Representatives. Remember, everything was just peachy in the economy until the Dems took Congress almost two years ago when they started to ruin things and delay important actions on purpose so they might win this Presidential election. That is exactly what they did and it might work too.

I wonder, if Obama has all these wonderful plans and ideas, why wasn't he enough of a leader to get his own party to listen to him and put some of them, any of them into effect by now? After all, they do control Congress and have for two years. Where has Obama been all this time?

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA

Received September 05, 2008 - Published September 09, 2008



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