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By Kimberly Groves


September 09, 2008

Until last Friday, I was undecided, an Independent, if you will. I did not feel as though either candidate represented my views. However, when I found out Sarah Palin was on the John McCain ticket, I registered with the Obama website as a supporter, bought some stickers, signed up for phone call duty, and rounded up my donationall after spitting out my morning coffee, that is.

I am frightened by the prospect of someone like Sarah Palin running this country. You know the whole "heartbeat away" thing. Her political platforms are ethics reform and transparency in government, yet she continues to refrain from honestly answering questions in the matter of the abuse of power investigation; Even though, as part of her ethics reform campaign for Alaska, she tried to embarrass Ted "A Series of Tubes" Stevens, into a confession to the FBI, when he violated provisions of the Ethics in Government Act.
Now her lawyers are trying to dispute the jurisdiction of the Legislature, which will push back the court date until after the November election, which is very convenient. Additionally, she is facing an ethics complaint by a state employee who alleges her office used "improper influence to award a state job".

In her very first speech to the American public, she contradicts her ethics reform again. "I've championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. In fact, I told Congress thanks, but no thanks, on that "bridge to nowhere." If our state wanted a bridge, I said, we'd build it ourselves." However, while she was visiting my hometown of "Nowhere" during her campaign for Governor, she was all for the earmarked bridge project. She is quoted in the Anchorage Daily Newspaper with plans to continue state funding for the bridge because she wanted swift action of infrastructure projects, "as the window of opportunity is now, while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist." Needless to say, she blindsided the Representatives and people of Ketchikan with the refusal on the go ahead, and kept, the then, undesignated money to claim a surplus for the great state of Alaska after her victorious election. It is not difficult to look like a fiscal conservative, when you've got a state busting at the seams with extra money.

Sarah Palin is being portrayed as ethical and qualified, and she is neither of the two. She did not support teen mother assistance, or sex education, but rather abstinence-only education for all Alaskan children. It is one thing for a teen to get pregnant, but it is an example of failed policy, when its maker is a Governor that cannot practice her ideals in her own home. Also, she compares her degree in Journalism from the University of Idaho, six years as a mayor of a town with a population of less than 6000, and Governor of Alaska for 18 months; to Senator Obama's law degree from Harvard, Political Science degree from Columbia, civil rights practice in the Southside of Chicago, 20 years of community organization, and 8 years as an Illinois States Senator.oh wait, I forgot about Palin's PTA involvement and Basketball Coaching

Anyway, I wanted to get this out there, as it seems so many people are enchanted by her insulting, and void of subject matter-speech, on Tuesday. I strongly urge everyone to do a little research before you choose, and do not base your decision on what image the media is currently portraying.


Kimberly Groves

Received September 08, 2008 - Published September 09, 2008



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