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Church & State
By David G. Hanger


September 09, 2008

Dave Kiffer, I don't care what Joe Williams' religion is, but instead of talking about public policy it was he who chose to impose his religious mumbo-jumbo on me. I have met only one individual in public life who insists on imposing his self-righteous religiosity on others, and that is Mayor Joe Williams. He clearly thinks he is better than anyone "unsaved" or not "chosen," and the rest of us are just succubi and incubi who really don't exist or matter at all except as "evil" entities. Mayor Williams shoved his religion in my face, and I sure will call him on that. Personal religious obsession has absolutely no place in discussions of public policy, and I am disgusted a year-and-a-half later that it was. Like I said, send Mayor Williams home to pray; that is where he and it belongs.

Nor is your umbrage acceptable. Bank fraud is a felony. Conspiracy to commit bank fraud is a felony. People who authorize, approve, or endorse felonious activity as a part of public policy should not be elected, or re-elected, ever, period.

As for vitriol, two simple points: If as a Republican, you cannot accept that you are a supporter of racism, religious intolerance, and massive rip-offs of the public treasury, you are in complete denial of fact and reality. South of the Mason-Dixon line you all adopted the Dixiecrats so obsessed were you with power. The so-called "base" of your party is a bunch of religious extremists, as arrogant as any extremist Muslim, who believe their way is the only way, and any other possible way is wrong, wrong, wrong. And if by chance you don't think ripping off the public purse is a big part of your policy, you have been living on the far side of Pluto these past eight years.

My second point is even simpler. I expect absolute integrity from public employees and elected officials. They are given too much power to expect anything else. At every level of government in this state including permeation of the bureaucracy, corruption appears to be the rule rather than the exception. If that is acceptable to you, please do not darken my door with your dishonest shadow.

Dave Hanger
Ketchikan, AK


Received September 08, 2008 - Published September 09, 2008


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