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Palin - McCain Ticket: A Reality Check
By Bill Taylor


September 09, 2008

Now that Governor Palin and Senator McCain are on the campaign trail it is time for a reality check. I am curious how others feel about John McCain taking a back seat on the Republican ticket. It is a little disconcerting that the gentleman who is supposedly running for president, someone who has spent 26 years in the U.S. Congress, has been totally overshadowed by his vice presidential choice who, at the time she gave her acceptance speech, the American people had known for slightly more than 26 hours.

Could this be the result of McCain s obvious lack of message? Or, rather, is it because he is consistently attempting to paint himself as a maverick when, in fact, he has been a staunch ally to President Bush s for the past eight year and thus cannot defend a legitimate change argument? Or is it because he espouses his distain for lobbyists while his political team is laden with lobbyists? Or, or, or ?

John McCain wants us to believe he is "the" straight talker. Can anyone please explain to me why he is now filling his stump speeches with false claims and misrepresentations of his opponent's policies and views? If he does not know he should have been told that the current governor of Alaska did not sell the State's jet on E-bay and did not sell it for a profit. If he does not know he should have been told the current governor of Alaska did not oppose the bridge-to-nowhere until it became politically expedient for her to do so. John McCain knows perfectly well that Senator Obama is not suggesting a tax increase for the middle class. He knows that his opponent is suggesting offshore drilling as a part of a comprehensive solution to America's energy problem. Is Senator McCain so out of touch that he does not realize he is spreading falsehoods or is he just plain lying to the American people?

Is the Republican platform so devoid of meaningful policies that it requires Palin - McCain speeches to be dominated with sarcasms and attacks? Why has John McCain failed to explain his plan to address the high and rising unemployment and other problems with our economy? Why have we not heard his thoughts on his Government's role in stabilizing the housing market? Why have we not heard anything more meaningful than sound bites on any issues of significance?

My thoughts about Governor Palin are straight forward. She is lying to the American people. Regardless how hard her handlers try, they will fail in their attempts to cover up these lies. It is pretty darn obvious why the Republicans are so afraid of the governor giving a simple interview. Palin sounds appealing when the conversation is one-sided. She will be considerably less appealing once she is forced to answer questions.

Finally an appeal to Senator McCain: Sir just because the surrogate leader of your ticket is lying to the American people does not make it right for you to do the same. You have a reputation of being a better person than this. Bush and Cheney have lied to us for the past eight years. For the good of the nation---country first---it must stop. Please let us have an honest campaign

Bill Taylor
Neah Bay, WA

About: "concern citizen"

Received September 06, 2008 - Published September 09, 2008


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