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The Stench of Vitriol
By Sandy Powers


September 05, 2008

What happened to good editorial judgment as to appropriate content in opinion letters to be published? David Hangar's letter clearly violates Sitnews' own standards of propriety and decency stated under Basic Rules and Spirit of Viewpoints .

While I enjoy reading varied viewpoints and spirited debates on local issues, rambling, nonsensical vitriol such as David Hangar's letter has absolutely no place in print. Freedom of speech does not include giving hate speech a platform from which to spew personal insults and character defamation.

Do not publish irrational rants by bigoted authors who seem to have several screws loose. In fact, vitriol aside, this letter is so poorly written, I can't even tell exactly what it is he is so gut-busting angry about. Everything and everyone in any political capacity from the Borough on up? Since he feels so strongly, is he making any contributions toward positive change, or merely advocating anarchy? It's hard to tell. Of course, a letter like this only reflects badly on the writer, not on the individuals he attacks, whether or not they are legitimately at fault for anything. It certainly doesn't deserve a platform, and it is offensive to the reader to be subjected to such derogatory material.

I feel Sitnews owes the maligned persons an apology for printing this ridiculous letter. Please exercise some better censorship in the future.

Sandy Powers
Ketchikan, AK

About: " 33-year resident of Ketchikan who believes that a positive attitude can best bring about positive change."

Received September 03, 2008 - Published September 05, 2008


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