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Cruise Ship Funds and Energy
By Rodney Dial


September 05, 2008

May I respectfully suggest that some of the Cruise Ship Tax Proceeds that the local government is now recommending be spent on art and beautification, be invested as follows:

Construction of an electrical distribution network that will allow the cruise ships to plug-in to the grid while in port. This will have many benefits for the community and cruise industry to include:

Greatly reduced fuel consumption
Better local air quality
Revenue for KPU

This will also allow the cruise industry to cut their operation costs and create an incentive to stay in port longer.

I realize that we currently do not have the excess electrical capacity to do this. However, when the Swan Lake intertie is completed this becomes feasible. The time to start on this project is now so that we can take advantage of this opportunity as soon as possible.

Until the intertie is on line local governments should be looking for ways to immediately reduce electrical consumption to prepare for this winter. Look into the installation of low wattage street lights, 4/10 work weeks, energy saving appliances, etc.

The reality is that many locals are now switching from oil heat to electrical and wood heat. Local governments should do what they can to assure that the winter electrical demand is met by the hydro facilities and not diesel generation. Many simply can not afford another winter of the diesel surcharge .

Thank you,

Rodney Dial
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Concerned citizen"

Received September 03, 2008 - Published September 05, 2008


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