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Where's the change?
By Mike Isaac


September 05, 2008

Since it became clear that John McCain could be the President of the United States, I have always felt not only that he would sell this country out with the now dead Bush, McCain, Kennedy amnesty plan that would have added up to 30 million mostly low income people to our 300 million, but do little for issues like energy and the economy.

A month ago I planed on voting for Obama or Bob Barr if at all, but when you have the Governor of Montana speaking on behalf of Obama in Denver say that the most important barrel of oil is the one that we don't use and a $2 tire gauge is their answer to a serious problem then it is clear that these guys are making a joke of the extra money that could be better spent or saved. Where's the change? Same old DNC same as it ever was.

But late Thursday night, Jessica Austin at seemed to think that Sarah Palin was McCain's pick. A very smart pick on the energy issue plus she just got that gas pipeline going after 30+ years, cut property taxes in Wasilla and sold Gov. Frank's jet when she got to Juneau. A good pick if it turned out to be true, lots of BS on the internet. McCain however still buys the global warming spin and thinks ANWR is a place where drilling platforms should not go.

The next morning the rumor was true and all over the news, at least now I can vote for the bottom half of the ticket so to speak. Palin might even help the republicans from losing more seats if she can sell Alaska as a state that works well without a state sales and income tax and a state that can help solve the energy problems, but that might be tough since the media would rather talk her down by going after Bristol and the rest of her family.

We have had some really bad VPs in the past. Al Gore and Dan Quayle were the worst and the media gave those two a pass compared to what I heard in the past few days.

Mike Isaac
Arrowbear Lake, CA

About: Former Ketchikan resident.

Received September 02, 2008 - Published September 05, 2008


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