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By Ken Bylund


September 05, 2008

This morning, one of the many desperate CNN analysts said that Sarah had bullied Barack Obama; those reporters are very close to being exposed with trying to bend reality to match their desires. Democracy is supposed to be about 'rule of majority' in that the people select representatives that are periodically elected to office for the purpose of fixing problems, not creating conflict. The needs start with the care and good of American Citizens around the world, not about sparing the feelings of those who hate us; our representatives job is to investigate the truth, wherever it may lead them, then inform and rally support via arguments based on honest, reasonable, and rational discourse... and yet, we are inundated with these "un-elected talking heads" doing everything in their power to steer the majority toward weakness and dependence.

Sarah Palin did a spectacular job at that discourse thing last night, the honest, reasonable, rational argument; and after the hatchet job the newsmedia have dumped on her since finding out she, not them other guys they had spent months preparing for... sorry about that... they're fuming that Sarah Palin would "hit back." Like, "we can hit you with everything we can dig up, but you can't hit back... because? That would be shrill? That would be divisive? Let's not forget vile and nasty! LOL!!!

Every time I hear someone say, "the fact of the matter is," the next thing out of their mouth is flawed, and more often than not, an outright lie. Like preparing that next sentence with the term "clearly", like what they are about to say is un-arguable, can't possibly be another reasonable position. If the 'talking heads' want respect, they need to earn it by staying honest - tough to do when trying to bend us to their elitist views. Thing that is hardest to identify, is motive - what is the benefit for American citizens to be diluted into another United Nations style third world mob? America's most attractive attribute is the potential for anyone to reach for and win or fail to achieve excellence.

I like Barak Obama, think he's smart and a gifted orator, but not sure he isn't out to change that balance, rule of democracy and republic. We need both in balance or we've got nothing. Senator McCain is a good man, smart, experienced... but old. Then, Edward Gibbon wrote in his epoch history of the Roman Empire, about the failed rule of the boy Gratian, "... an education may be got from teachers and books, but talent is forged from experience and adversity." [paraphrased] I think we can agree that John McCain has sufficient quantity of those ingredients, no one is going to challenge his life experience or the adversity he has endured - this man and woman have the edge. Not too tough for this job!

Ken Bylund
Ketchikan, AK


About: "Resident of SE Alaska, and just another American citizen who is exhausted and yet morbidly amazed at the images of mentally twisted reporters and politicians"

Received September 04, 2008 - Published September 05, 2008


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