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Picking Sarah
By Julie Kay Smithson


September 05, 2008

Like the rest of America, the media is abuzz with talk of Sarah Louise Heath Palin.

Pundits proclaim this, that and the other, fairly stumbling all over themselves like puppies in a basket, seeking to make their readers/listeners/watchers believe this, that or the other. Career politicians are still stunned, stammering and caught totally off-guard.

How could this miracle have happened? The bottom line may be something far more special and infinitely simpler: Maybe God picked Sarah.

After all, McCain is not looking all that overjoyed with what is being reported as "his choice" of a running mate. In fact, in several video clips and photos, McCain actually appears to be in a bit of a fog.

His choice

Maybe it was His choice: God's choice, not McCain's.

That would explain the fact that no one knew before the actual day before. Maybe God reached down to Planet Earth and chose the fruit most needed to assuage the hunger of America and the world for a real statesman, patriot and someone with backbone.

In all the world, humble Wasilla, Alaska, though not the place where she was born, had been nurturing the soul of Sarah, her spirit and beliefs, for nigh on to four decades.

No one else

This is not about gender. It's not about political party. It is about this nation of people, founded and birthed in Christian conviction. It's about the decent, honest, hardworking, or would-like-to-be-hardworking-if-their-jobs-hadn't-been-outsourced people that are America's backbone, her heart and the soul of her.

No one else is like Sarah. No one else on this earth -- and who knew that better than God? In a day and age where people have come to believe there's nothing "the government" can't do for them, including "stimulus checks" -- from their own tax payments -- people have been starving for such a miracle.

Too good to be true?

Sarah is the real thing. She's someone who runs, snowmachines, mows the lawn, and champions her faith and family. She's certainly human, though divine intervention may have introduced her to us.

Thank God!

Julie Kay Smithson
London, OH

Received September 04, 2008 - Published September 05, 2008


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