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An Alaskan a Heartbeat Away From McCain?
By Chris Arteaga


September 05, 2008

As a born Alaskan, I felt a surge of pride when I heard that Governor Sarah Palin had been selected as the Vice Presidential nominee. Suddenly, my friends were calling me asking for the inside information on my home state's governor; it is truly a glorious moment for anyone who loves Alaska. Then I watched her nomination speech and my roots Revillagigedo Island were outraged.

In the most watched speech by an Alaskan in history, Palin proudly declared "I told Washington, thanks but no thanks, on that bridge to nowhere". She might have well have said screw you Ketchikan. Excuse me, wasn't it just in July that Palin's guy from the Department of Transportation told the Borough Assembly that no options, including a bridge, were off the table. Palin is counting on your support. She doesn't think that she needs to fulfill her campaign promises for a bridge to Ketchikan residents: she'll get your vote against the Democrats anyway. Palin can even go so far as to insult Ketchikan in front of a national audience: she thinks you'll still vote for her and the Republican nominee.

Should Palin and her running mate get Ketchikan's vote? I say, resoundingly, NO. I' m tired of Ketchikan being made fun of on the national stage. I'm tired of seeing "the bridge to nowhere" being painted as the consummate example of wasteful government spending. The Republicans failed to keep the mill from closing. The Republicans derailed Ketchikan from having a bridge to its airport. The Alaska Republican establishment has been proven to be crawling with corruption. The Republican nominee will never open ANWR.

It s time to assess a new approach. Your vote for Obama, Begich, and Berkowitz could be the rebirth of Ketchikan's respectability on the national stage. If Ketchikan gives a majority vote to President Obama and Alaska's Democratic congressional delegation, then Ketchikan may very well see rewards. In November vote Obama, Begich, and Berkowitz.


Chris Arteaga
Denver, CO

About: " Chris teaches elemtary school in Denver, CO. Chris wants his hometown to make the correct decision in November."

Received September 03 , 2008 - Published September 05, 2008

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