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Gas Prices
By DeAnn Karlson


September 02, 2008

I read the letter regarding the local price of gas, and I too have some questions.

It's been explained to me in the past that gas stations buy their inventory at various times and various prices. That part I understand. However, what I'm confused about is that there for several weeks, the price per gallon was increasing weekly - sometimes 2-3 times in one week. However, now that the price of oil has stabilized and even decreased, I've never once seen our gas price go down. If someone can explain to me why that is, I'd greatly appreciate it. It just seems to me if you can increase the price on such a quick basis, you should also be able to decrease the price in the same manner.

Obviously I don't own a gas station, and I understand the difficulties of owning and running a business here. However, I also feel like the the local community that support the variety of local businesses and have been responsible for their continuing success should not be taken for granted either. Prices for everything have gone up but wages are not. Eventually something is going to give - it may mean carpooling and using alternative forms of transportation which, I would imagine, would have some impact on the local gas stations.
Thank you in advance as I'm sure someone will enlighten regarding how this system works.

DeAnn Karlson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Long-time Ketchikan resident who does a lot of driving."

Received August 29, 2008 - Published September 02, 2008


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