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Governor Forms Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet


September 15, 2007

(SitNews) - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on Friday signed Administrative Order 238 establishing a sub-cabinet to prepare a climate change strategy.

"Many scientists note that Alaska's climate is changing," Governor Palin said. "We are already seeing the effects. Coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice and record forest fires affect our communities and our infrastructure. Some scientists tell us to expect more changes in the future. We must begin to prepare for those changes now."

jpg Governor Sarah Palin

Governor Sarah Palin signs Administrative Order 238 establishing a
sub-cabinet to prepare a climate change strategy.
Photo courtesy Office of the Governor

The Climate Change Sub-cabinet will consolidate the state's knowledge about the expected effects of global warming in Alaska, recommend measures and policies to prepare our communities and residents to respond to expected effects, and guide the state's participation in local, regional and national efforts to curb and to respond to global warming.

Members of the sub-cabinet include the commissioners of the Departments of Commerce, Community and Economic Development; Environmental Conservation; Natural Resources; Fish and Game; and Transportation and Public Facilities. It is chaired by the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation.

Administrative Order 238 also directs the sub-cabinet to consult with the president of the University of Alaska.

"I am proud of the cutting edge work being done at the University," Governor Palin said. "Alaska has top-notch scientists working on research and models that will inform and guide climate change decisions."

Other than making research available, Alaska can help the nation in other ways. Through the administration's aggressive pursuit of a Natural Gas Pipeline Alaska can provide a clean, domestic, reliable source of energy for decades to come.

The state also has tremendous alternative energy potential. The Department of Natural Resources already has a program to find renewable energy resources around the State. The Climate Change Sub-Cabinet will be looking at ways to develop, support and expand renewable energy resource programs and to promote aggressive development of renewable energy sources such as geothermal, wind, hydroelectric, tidal, and in-stream energy.

In addition to signing the Administrative Order, the Governor is signing a letter that adds Alaska as an observer to the Western Climate Initiative. The Western Climate Initiative is a collaboration launched in February 2007 between the Governors of Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington to meet regional challenges posed by climate change.

The additional steps announced today add to efforts underway. DEC has begun working with other agencies and has formed workgroups, started working with communities, federal agencies, the legislative Climate Impact Assessment Commission and the Congressional Delegation. The Governor's Washington, D.C. office is already working closely with the Congressional Delegation on federal legislation to ensure that Alaska benefits from any such legislation. The Palin Administration is coordinating with the Arctic Research Commission to identify opportunities for state involvement in research and policy matters in the Arctic as changing conditions draw increased global attention to this area.

Information about the State's climate change efforts will soon be available to the public via the internet. The Climate Change Sub-Cabinet is creating a web site on which it will post news and information. The internet address will be The web site will be up and running by Friday, Sept. 21, 2007.


Source of News & Photograph:

Office of the Governor


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