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Racism not the motive.
By Susan Bachant


September 29, 2007
Saturday AM

Mr. Jethani, I don't think the jewelry store petition has the owners race as a motive and it makes me sad that you think so. I can certainly see how you would come to that conclusion since the stores themselves pose no harm to the community or it's customers. So what else could be the motive? Well Ketchikan is a funny town filled with spirited people who seem to resent people from "down south" coming in and telling them/us what to do, or what is best for us, etc.

When I arrived here 14 years ago K town was a cute little community of very friendly people. The downtown area was very quaint and we had variety stores, record stores, art stores, clothing stores, tourist shops, a barber shop, a photo shop, and yes a few (and I mean 2 or 3) jewelry stores. It really was quite cute, very friendly and open all year around. Look at the same area today. The variety store is gone, although we still have Downtown Drug, and so is the record store and the clothing store and the barbershop and a few others. Yes business is a hard thing and I can see why these stores closed. It happens. What however has replaced most of these stores? Jewelry stores, and not just one or two. Do the majority of these stores stay open all year long? Nope. Is there good reason why? You bet there is. They could not stay in business because there are not that many locals buying jewelry on a daily basis.

When people talk of "Taking our town back" I believe what they mean is that they are desirous of what used to be and being able to enjoy downtown Ketchikan all year around. Do I think limiting the number of a certain type of store is the answer to our woes? No. I think we would be better off saying you had to stay open all year long or at least most of it which would then be self limiting. It costs far less to just rent the space and have no customers than it does to rent the space, pay employees and the lights and only have a few customers.

So I guess my point is to please try not to take it personally, although it does effect you personally. I don't think it is aimed at your nationality but instead at wishing for what was of the past. The people of K Town are still a friendly bunch and their intention is good just maybe going about it the wrong way.

Susan Bachant
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Lived and worked in K-Town all year around for 14 years."

Received September 27, 2007 - Published September 29, 2007


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