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Proposition 1
By Scott Cragun


September 29, 2007
Saturday AM

I saw a banner today on the side of First City Electric's building that said "Say No To Higher Taxes, vote NO on Initiative 1". Has it been determined that if we limit the number of Jewelry Stores on a given street that our property or sales taxes will increase? Or, Is this a misleading statement to sway a vote?

It is my understanding of this initiative that the intent is to limit the proximity of FUTURE Jewelry Stores to existing ones. NOT to ELIMINATE them all together!!

Someone PLEASE correct me if my understanding is not correct, I do see positive and negative in this initiative.

Scott Cragun
Ketchikan, AK

About: " Confused and Concerned Citizen"

Received September 26, 2007 - Published September 29, 2007


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