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Bear problems
By Eileen Small


September 29, 2007
Saturday AM

I agree with Mr Thompson in that the bear problems we have can be made worse by folks who don't know how to contain garbage. I also hope that people here can see the big picture. I contain my garbage and never put it out before 9 a.m. on trash day---just before I have to leave for work.. Sorry---but that is as good as I can get--I have to work and I cannot sit at home til noon or 1 p.m. waiting for the trash truck!

Garbage is not the only problem. I realize that bears can smell cooking odors inside my home. Unfortunately, I am unwilling to seal my home like a prison or put up bars to keep the bears out at night when I sleep! If I wanted to live this way I would move to New York City where nearly everyone has bars on their windows---and it isn't about bears!

Bears are reasonably intelligent--as most animals are. People have to remember, however, that they are ANIMALS!! They can figure out how to break into a home, a garage or a trash can (even a supposedly "bear proof one) if they wish. They are only smarter than humans if the human is stupid.

I have no problem with bears as a species. If they encroach on my home I have a problem. Having called fish and game repetetively over 5+ years and dealt with their comebacks--I will solve my own problems from now on. Others can do as they wish....

Eileen Small
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Lived here for 10 years."

Received September 26, 2007 - Published September 29, 2007


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