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By Bill Tatsuda


September 29, 2007
Saturday AM

Dear Editor Sitnews,

Recently there have been several writers who have given many valid arguments as to why we should VOTE NO on the Jewelry Store Initiative. There are so many reasons for VOTING NO that each writer has had to focus on just a select few points for the sake of space. Here is a comment I would like to make:


The jewelry stores in Ketchikan generally stand out as being very attractive. They are well lit and well designed. They add class to our downtown. The people working in the jewelry stores are well-groomed, well dressed, and appear to be very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Compare the jewelry stores to the businesses they displaced like the Pioneer Bar, Alaska Bar, Jimbo's Café, Union Rooms, Foc'sle Bar, to name a few. The jewelry stores have definitely helped raise our downtown's image.

So what is wrong with jewelry stores? Why do some people want to limit them? Maybe it is because they make some of us feel just a tad bit out of place. Yes, change can be frightening and uncomfortable, but the key to survival is to adapt. Trying to stop progress is a waste of time and energy, and I think this initiative has already wasted a lot of that. VOTE NO.

Bill Tatsuda
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 28, 2007 - Published September 29, 2007


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