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Jewelry Store Petition
By Chris Barry


September 25, 2007
Tuesday PM

I keep reading all this jewelry store garbage and can't help but agree with both sides. Yes, it would be nice to not see so many jewelry stores here, but they have the right to be here. What are we going to limit next? Bars? Souvenir Shops? Gas Stations? Schools? It is a very silly idea to limit businesses that have a legal right to be here. But just the same, what about my home? Why can't I do as I please with it? Why do I have to follow those silly zoning laws? I'll tell you why, because the store owners pushed some initiative through the system that says I can't have a business on my private property. Why, because they say it increases traffic in their neighborhood. Well, isn't that what businesses are supposed to do, increase traffic? Increased traffic means more money staying in Ketchikan, doesn't it?

Why is it that the same people that oppose limiting the jewelry stores are probably the same people that oppose opening land for urban development, and probably the same ones that pushed through the silly height laws for buildings. Who cares. All of you that keep going off about the proposition are all doing it for your own benefit and not for Ketchikan's as you claim. If you cared about Ketchikan's future, you would just sit back and worry more about real problems and let the different businesses have a chance. Instead of limiting the quantity of jewelry stores, why not pass a proposition that requires them to be open a minimum of 14 days every month. See how many stick around then.

Well, I'm done ranting and raving for now.
Chat with ya'll later!

Chris Barry
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Another of Ketchikan's many transplants."

Received September 25, 2007 - Published September 25, 2007


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