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The Bridge or Lack There Of
By Jerilyn Lester


September 24, 2007
Monday PM

It seems to me that some have missed the note in Mr. Stedman's review of the loss to Ketchikan of an alternative access to Gravina Island. There was $223 million dollars sent to the state especially for the Bridge and the state forked out another $10 million and now they have misappropriated the funds and told us to just suck it up and get over it! What is wrong with this picture?

Yes there was a flap over the bridge and the federal took the earmarks off the money but everyone knew where that money was supposed to go and they took it anyway. Just because the tag falls off the package under the tree doesn't mean that the gift isn't still meant for you, does it?

How can we just sit here and take this with an OH WELL attitude and say next time. Have you not read the news there won't be a next time. There won't be any more money for the bridge but the state has 223 million to play with and we still have to walk to the ferry and up the ramp and up the hill then up the stairs to walk across both lanes in the rain to finally get to the airport. There isn't another airport in the world that you have to do that. And we are supposed to just lie down and let them walk all over us?

Besides all that money there has been untold thousands spent on the studies and planning and then plans drawn up. If the state is going to take the money for a bridge in Juneau and an upgrade on the mainland the least we should get is decent roads but we won't even get that. We won't get water and sewer lines all the way out to the city limits or the roads finished out south either.

Out of $233,000,000 there is only $36 million left. I for one would like to have an accounting of where our money went and who is enjoying it while I still have to walk to the airport. I would also like to know what is planned for the rest of the money that Ketchikan will never see! I am really tired of living here and being treated like the baldheaded step child of this state. I think it is time that the City of Ketchikan and the Gateway Borough start acting like they work for us and not the state and tell the state that we want our money back and our bridge.

As a foot note: When I rent my property to someone I don't expect the city or anyone on the jewelry store initiative to tell me who I can rent to or for how much. That is a dictatorship not a democracy.

Jerilyn Lester
Ketchikan, AK

About: "25 year resident of Ketchikan and surroundng area."

Received September 24, 2007 - Published September 24, 2007



Sinking of the Gravina Island Bridge Astounds Stedman - Senator Bert Stedman (R-Sitka) was astounded by the Governor's announcement today that she was unilaterally cancelling the Gravina Island Bridge project. "Improving access to Gravina Island has been an economic priority for the community of Ketchikan, the State of Alaska and our congressional delegation for over 30 years. I'm shocked that the Governor would ignore the significant energy, hard work and financial resources already invested in the project", Sen Stedman said. - More...
Friday PM - September 21, 2007

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