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Good and bad neighbors make life interesting
By Edward Brown


September 23, 2007

Ketchikan should be thankful for their local neighbors like the Kauffmans. They provide a room to stop by and have coffe and let us vent when we need to. I was a former rascal to this island community. And when I read Sitnews I really feel like I am not that far away. Just down the block. The digital world has shrunk the miles which separate us.

Every neighborhood has rascals and scallywags and the distance we enjoy <digitally> makes them even more tolerable. Their opinion counts and humbles us to have to listen to them and be reminded that they are still our neighbors. I am reminded of Rocky waring his buffalo cape, Howard Gallagher, Clarke Cochrane, Tom Coyne, Bill Hamilton and so many other colorful current and former families that can call Ketchikan their hometown.

We can sit down and have a cup of coffee together and read Sitnews and the real treasure in these are still the neighbors who cared enough about us to take time out of there busy schedules and at least listen. Then sometimes they share their wisdom with us.

We all have problems and need to hear each other's viewpoint. Maybe then we can sometimes change or at least modify our ways to help others with their needs and soothe their disappointments at the same time.

Coming down off our high horse is not easy. While growing up in Ketchikan I remember listening to problem corner on the radio and how it made it so easy to appreciate the caring by others. They frequently checked into our lives and register a complaint every now and then. We can care for and identify with each other in this way.

And even now that I am old and grey I can realize my tendencies to be like a teenager and think this whole world was made for only me.

Thanks to our neighbors like the Kauffmans we get a dose of reality as others share their views.

I consider you all my neighbors. We will help each other survive. And we will share our victories and defeats too. Life is to short to hold a grudge, get over you hurt and continue to be one of those memorable neighbors.

When your kids grow up and move away that is what you have left. Neighbors like the Kauffmans. This should make you thankful to have at least that.

Edward Brown
Anchorage, AK

About: " Hope to be a good neighbor that caused some good and memeorable experiences."

Received September 22, 2007 - Published September 23, 2007



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