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Jewelry Store Initiative
By Kaeleen Foote


September 21, 2007
Friday AM

I am a college student doing research for an article for our college newspaper on the cruiseship industry and its impact on our small town.

It was with some degree of irony that I read the following from Charles Edwardson:
"...with the option of PRINCE RUPERT not far off in the horizon and possibly a first stop for many tour boats, this would further strengthen Prince Rupert's marketable viability." 08/26/07

This is rather humourous considering the general feedback we have been getting from cruiseship passengers regarding our city is that it's boring, there isn't enough to do and NOT ENOUGH SHOPPING!

In fact there have been rumblings from the cruiselines that unless the situation changes, they may consider another Canadian port-of-call. So I think the danger of Prince Rupert becoming a major threat to your retail sector and/or cruise industry is remote, to say the least. Besides, we only get two ships PER WEEK not 4 or 5 per day as I understand is the situation for the Alaskan ports.

Also, as a point of interest, I work 20 hrs per week at a local jewelry store. (There are 3 in our town of 13,000) We get some foot traffic from the cruiseship. While we always enjoy meeting and chatting with folks from the cruiseships, we find most are more interested in looking rather than buying. Not being part of the cruiseline's "pay to play" programs, I guess some interesting conversation and the occasional small sale is the best we can expect.

Anyhow, I wish Prince Rupert's neighbours, the citizens of Ketchikan, all the best, whatever the outcome of the Jewelry Store Initiative. It is often challenging balancing the interests of business and quality-of-life issues. I just didn't want to see false fears cloud the argument.

I hope to make it up to your fair city someday. But all things considered, I think I'll wait until the off-season.


Kaeleen Foote
Prince Rupert BC

About: "College Student; Resident of Prince Rupert BC; Part-time employee of a jewelry store"

Received September 18, 2007 - Published September 21, 2007


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