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Berry pickers beware...
By Crystal Skille


September 21, 2007
Friday AM

Remembering the old sourdough code of ethics: One shall not touch another person's goods left along the trail.

Each year I greet the month of September with anticipation and excitment as I welcome my favorite berry picking season. My days are pleasantly spent collecting red and blue huckleberries along the trails of my favorite spots around Ketchikan. I take great pride in my goal at making enough jam for the coming year and pleanty for holiday gifts.

The other day while out picking berries I was taken back by the actions of another. I was left feeling hurt, angry and confused, as if an ancient nerve within me had been wounded.

I had filled my first bag of berries and had gently layed them down along the trail side and happily went to go gather more. I thought they would be safe. I thought my sweet little bag of berries would be there waiting for me to return and take them home...I was wrong.

To my suprise and horror a man walking along the trail took it upon himself to pick up my berries (assuming they were a bag of forgotten trash??...I can not comprehend) and scatter them about the trail as if he was releasing some caged animals. What was he thinking??!!
I fell down to knees in the rain and dog poop and desperately tried to salvage all the berries I could before my dog gobbled them up. I found myself pondering the good old sourdough code "one shall not touch another person's goods left along the trail". This was considered the worst crime imaginable back in those days and I wish it still held true today.

You don't mess with a woman's berries!

So to all of you berry pickers out you lay down your prescious hard earned bag containing the wonderous fruits of your labor along the side of a trail...beware. You might want to hide them a little.

Crystal Skille
Ketchikan, AK

About: " A berry picking enthuiest"

Received September 18, 2007 - Published September 21, 2007



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