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City and State reps should do their job
By Marina Keirn


September 15, 2007
Saturday PM

I must say that I agree with Eileen Small. Our City and State reps should do their job, and the way to do it is with an ordinance. That way when people bait the bears with their non-secured trash, they will get a fine. Remember, it is against the law to feed wildlife. If people are fined, then maybe they will lose their helpless attitudes and actually make an effort to secure their trash. The attitudes go beyond helpless and become lazy when the torn up garbage sits for weeks on end. Come on, it is just filthy and disgusting. I am tired of seeing it lay around with bugs flying around it.

I am sure that is what you had in mind Eileen. Common sense tells me you don't really think it is the fault of the bears or that the State and City reps. need to clean out your can are the human, with the superior brain. You must be smarter than the average bear.

Marina Keirn
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 13, 2007 - Published September 15, 2007


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