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Kudos Again for Senator Kim Elton
By Joey Tillson


September 12, 2007
Wednesday PM

I am proud to be a supporter of Senator Kim Elton and Governor Sarah Palin. They are constantly looking out for the welfare of all of us Alaskans.

Senator Elton's recent opinion regarding insurance companies basing rates on credit reports is just one more vote from me to have him as our governor. I support Governor Sarah Palin, too. When a person in our government looks out for us and the spending habits of our government officials for useless items (such as a jet or cutting a longevity bonus for senior citizens suddenly), I wholeheartedly support them! Thank you for finding a solution to help the seniors survive!

If we were stranded on an island together, I'm sure the last coconut on the tree would be divided amongst all of us by Governor Sarah Palin and Senator Kim Elton. Those are the kind of folks needed to run our government. Looking out for the needs of all Alaskans. People who budget as if it was their own household.
I support both our current governor and Senator Kim Elton in our government. Thank you so much!

Ms. Joey Tillson
Ketchikan, AK

Received September 12, 2007 - Published September 12, 2007

About: "Alaskan 30 years, hard-working individual who looks out for true Alaskans and proud supporter of Senator Kim Elton and Governor Sarah Palin"

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